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Never leaving the paint long enough to dry before starting the next painting. Dessi Cozmolici fell in love with her creative exploration of paints early in life. This adoration for art has continued to develop over the years, with her work predominantly bringing to life photographs using oil on canvas with a light atmospheric touch.

Dessi’s constant joy in bringing the best out in others, combined with her love of painting. It became clear that combining the two together was the only way forward. Thus Dessi's Art was born. 

With a long working career as a Nanny, Dessi has a wonderful way of making you feel calm and self assured when putting brush to canvas. Having studied in Early Years Education and Art Teaching in London and Bulgaria, Dessi deconstructs techniques and teaches at your pace be it in a 1:1 or a group environment. 

To experience first hand how you too can delve into the joy of painting, check out our London class options or get in touch.

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